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I have been to AIIMS, Rajeev Gandhi but my diagnosis was not clear. I sent me medical reports to CanceRX and got a clear diagnosis from their panel of doctors. Hopefully, I will get better now

Vikas Kumar

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My father has had back pain for about 2 years. No medicine has been able to help him. A friend mentioned that sometimes even Myeloma patients have lower back pain which doesn't go away. I found CanceRx and sent them an email with my father's report. They asked me to get some blood test done. They told me within 2 hrs of sending the blood reports, that my father has MDS. Now my father is taking chemotherapy and we are planning for a bone marrow transplant. Thank you very much for helping.


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I have been a cancer patient suffering from a difficult tumour called Chondrosarcoma for several years now. I have undergone radiation several years back and was in remission. Recently I experienced foot drop, numbness and a few other symptoms. I quickly got my MRI done and emailed my reports. The CanceRx team has been very quick to respond and gave me an opinion on a possible line of treatment which I could explore. Thank you very much for being so quick and responsive.

With held

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Hi, I am someone who has been struggling with loss of vision, blackouts for quite some time now. An MRI confirmed a tumour in my brain. I was struggling to look for the best doctor. I discovered CanceRx and emailed my medical history to them. They suggested a few neurosurgeon's in Gurgaon for me to undergo a craniotomy or Cyberknife. They got me doctors opinion in a matter of a few hours. Thank you for helping me reach out to the best doctors in such a short span of time and helping me get a doctors consultation without paying a rupee.

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