Get a second opinion Now!

Why should you take a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis from us? Cancer is a serious ailment, it pays to go to the best doctors, cancer specialists for your treatment. A good well-informed oncologist, with a correct diagnosis, information on newer advances in cancer care, can make a huge difference in your treatment journey.

We do not just give you an AI-generated report, signed by a doctor but we also get your case reviewed by some of the best practicing oncologists and then provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis and a treatment plan. All medical reports are reviewed by a team of medical, surgical, radiation oncologists, along with nuclear medicine specialists, pathologists based on your case review, and only post that a comprehensive second opinion is emailed to you. This means that instead of getting a single consultation from a medical oncologist or a surgical oncologist, we get you a comprehensive opinion from a medical, surgical, and radiation oncologist, a nuclear medicine specialist that is 4 consultations instead of just one. Instead of waiting for hours at a hospital, for these consultations, we cut down your waiting time and get you an online opinion from some of the best oncologists in India. The consultation also helps you with the treatment plan, indicative chemotherapy protocols, suggested immunotherapy if required. This comprehensive treatment plan can be administered in your city in consultation with your local treating doctor, based on inputs by our oncology team.

How does our comprehensive treatment plan benefit you?

*You get the best-in-class evidence-based consult based on your diagnosis. *Comprehensive treatment protocol, from some of the best oncology teams. *No wasting time, waiting in queues for doctors to see you. *No travel time and cost savings of over Rs 50,000/-

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