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Do you know "A Comprehensive Cancer Consult" is one that includes a consultation from a Medical, Surgical and a Radiation Oncologist? Opinion from a Nuclear Medicine Specialist if required?

Do you know that unless your reports are viewed by these cancer specialists, your consultation is incomplete and not comprehensive enough?

Handholding You, Guiding You in Your Cancer Care Journey

Treatment protocols as per International Guidelines
Organ Specific Tumour Boards
Written consult via email
Our subscription plans offer multiple consults at superb value for money
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Second Opinion on Cancer

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Cancer consults in India, USA, UK, Africa, South East Asia




Cancer Care Centres, Diagnostic Labs


Years of Experience

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No Automatic AI-generated standard templates here with standard treatment protocols.

Review of reports by Practising Super- Specialist Oncologists.


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We run your reports with the right doctor, our expert oncology panel- tumor board consisting of the best medical, surgical, radiation oncologists


Receive a second opinion report within 48-72 hrs barring weekends and holidays.
Talk, Interact with your doctor if required

Our Oncologists

Our cancer doctors are from the best institutes AIIMS, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Instiute, Tata memorial with several years of experience each.

Why choose CanceRX?

At CanceRX, We are Making Cancer Care Accessible and Affordable.

We understand that for a disease as critical as cancer, patients, caregivers need a second, third opinion to be able to decide the best possible plan of treatment. Here's how we help you at CanceRX.

Multidisciplinary Tumour Board Consults.

Each Case is Reviewed by A Team of Surgical, Medical, Radiation Oncologist along with a Nuclear Medicine Specialist so that you get a comprehensive opinion by a team of oncologists.

No Automated Standard Reports, Case Review by Best Cancer Specialists, REAL Doctors.

We are a big fan of technology, however, for a disease as serious as cancer, we prefer that real doctor's review case reports and give an opinion.

Personalized Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy Protocols.

We put the power in your hands. We help patients, caregivers with information on advanced cancer treatment options, targetted therapies, immunotherapy, and more. Advanced treatment plans help patients even when cancer is metastatic and is not responding to conventional treatment options.

Cancer Treatment At A Rationalised Cost

Cancer care is expensive. No guarantees, but we will try and get you a rationalized cost of treatment at some of our network hospitals

Cancer Test At A Discount

We understand cancer care is expensive and out of pocket, costs are significant. We try and get you the best possible discounts to help you rationalize the cost of cancer treatment

Cancer Medicines At A Discount

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Help with Finances, Reducing Cost of Treatment

To know more about how we can help you with finances, reducing the cost of cancer treatment, please write to us or Whatsapp/ Call +91-9821451560

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Shortlisted for National Startup Award 20'20

Founder shortlisted amongst 100 women transforming India 20'19.

A second opinion in Cancer is Critical

You are worried if your cancer diagnosis is correct. Concerned whether your doctor has diagnosed you correctly and hence is your treatment plan based upon diagnosis correct?

You have two different opinions and not sure what to do now. Our expert panel helps you with a correct diagnosis.

The doctor says you are well on your way to recovery, everything is under control but your symptoms won’t go away. A second opinion from a super specialist may provide the much needed clarify.

You are not clear on the diagnosis and have been waiting for days-weeks to get a clear reply, line of treatment. Having a super specialist go through your report will help you with the right action plan.

Worrying about your own or the health of your loved ones, shouldn’t keep you awake. An expert second opinion will put you at ease.

Often treatment options are decided by a patients socioeconomic status, access to treatment options. Our expert panel gives you evidence-based consultation on your reports.

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